Noa Rich


Advisor: Tal Gur

Photography: Oded Antman


Therapeutic Territories for Children

The project was born from the day to day commotion at Alyn – a pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation hospital. In the medical facility, which is in constant flux, TORY focuses on the private human experience within the public space of the hospital. TORY is a set of three objects that address different treatment situations, allowing users to set up temporary private territories for the course of the treatment.

What is needed in order to create a place? And how can we demarcate a place within a certain space? How does it feel to spend time at a given space? These are some of the questions that stood at the base of TORY, which are answered with a new shape, color, and material, in the face of the institutional medical landscape.

TORY facilitates a new and pleasant experience for both practitioner and patient in the hospital environment.